Smashbox “Photo Finish Foundation Primer Colour Correcting: Adjust” Review


This product was purchased at the same time as the Drying Lotion in my last post, obviously because my skin is rubbish and warrants use of all of the products! But seriously, this little beauty is pretty handy. I had been skeptical for some time as to the effectiveness of primers in general, but I do generally have lots of red spots (either acne or scars) so I figured I had nothing to lose.

~ ~ ~

Price: $21.95 ( $$$ ) for the 12ml, $54.95 for 30ml full size product

Score: ♥♥♥

Product Plus: Contains vitamins A and E, antioxidants and is an oil-free formula. It doesn’t have any parabens, which is kinda nice.

Application: For use before foundation to reduce redness and to prime skin for a smoother and more effective application of foundation.

Coverage: I would recommend it for light-moderate coverage of redness.

Thoughts:  At first I found the texture to feel almost oily, but it is actually more of a silky feeling. It disappears quite fast into the skin, which makes me feel like I need to layer more on.  I only apply it to spots and my nose area, but you could use it over the full face to get more even coverage.  I found during the first wear, that it only lasts well for an initial few hours, which is disappointing because I do have many red spots that then are more obvious.  This is using a liquid foundation over the top with a powder to finish.  The second trial I actually let it settle into my skin for a couple of minutes first, before applying foundation, and that seemed to help a little.

Conclusion:  It does seem to help with the smooth application of a liquid foundation, I am not sure of others though.  I would repurchase this in the future, but it might not be for a while because I might only use it for special events.

~ ~ ~

On a happy side note… I have to say I am very impressed with Smashbox, both by the products and by the brand. They are listed by PETA as an ethical make-up brand, and although they may not be considered a ‘natural’ brand, they don’t have parabens in quite a few of their products that I’ve noticed, which is a plus too.

Bon Appetite!


2 thoughts on “Smashbox “Photo Finish Foundation Primer Colour Correcting: Adjust” Review

  1. Very informative review! Now I am tempted to try this out, hehe. Thanks for sharing. Loving the blog 🙂 Do come & checkout mine too, xoxo.

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