Cheapskate Hauls

I won’t lie, I am SO in love with Daiso I don’t think I will ever shop anywhere else again.  For those of you who might not know, it is a Japanese department-like store very similar to a $2 shop here in Australia.  In Japan they are called 99 Yen stores, and they sell everything.  Literally everything.  In Australia, all items are $2.80.  Every.  Single.  Item.  Cleaning products, stationary, homewares, snack food, art supplies, you name it.  AND beauty products and supplies.  Yay!  Plus everything is super cute because it is Japanese.

Now, since I am currently in between jobs, I am trying to modify some of my spending habits in case I am out of work for a while.  And… because if I could find a foundation that suits my skin for $2.80 instead of a regular price, ahhh hell yes I would use that.  Here is a peak at everything I bought while at Daiso:


Are you even kidding? Look at all those goodies!


So this included an eyebrow pencil, foundation, two different peach scented body sprays, one set of fake lashes, a packet of cotton buds, a charcoal face mask and an extra large 180 pack of make-up remover pads.  All for $22.40.  I did also purchase a shower curtain and some lollies.  Yum.


My second lot of goodies were from a pharmacy when I was visiting my mum, so she actually bought me these.  They were all in the discount bins, so am not sure of the cost, but I would go with cheap.  I would not normally buy Revlon products, like ever, but this was a gift so I will trial them anyway.



The mascara is Revlon CustomEyes in Black, the two nail polishes have most of their labels rubbed off unfortunately, but the orange one is Tropical (unsure of which range) and the other comes out a very translucent natural beige with a lot of gloss.  The two concealers are of the Revlon Age-Defying range and are in colours 003 Medium and 0002 Light Medium.  The other goodies hiding behind are tiny tubes of pure organic Aloe Vera Gel (bless my mum!) which come in very handy for sunburn and which I find make an excellent light hand cream during the day, for those who don’t like any greasy feeling left on their hands.

I look forward to reviewing a lot of these products for you guys in the coming weeks!  If anyone out there has any helpful money-saving tips, please comment and let us know!


Bon Appetite!




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