Guerlain “Aqua Allegoria: Mandarine Basilic” Perfume Review

Happy Monday everyone!  To alleviate the pain from going back to work or uni, here is what I use for a little pick-me-up:


~ ~ ~

Score:  ♥♥♥♥♥

Product Plus:  For me, no allergies when using this perfume!

Application:  Lasts surprisingly well for an Eau de Toilette.  On my skin (moisturised) I can still smell the base notes and a little of the middle after 5 hours.

Fragrance Notes:  Aromatic Citrus.  Top includes clementine, orange blossom, green tea.  Middle includes peony, mandarin orange, basil.  Base includes sandalwood and amber.


Thoughts:  Apart from the fragrance being irresistible, the bottles are gorgeous with honey-combed gold detail to accent a simple shape.  This is an amazingly refreshing perfume, and although it is a Citrus, the notes of Mandarine last a lot longer than most.  Guerlain is one of the original perfume houses of France, so I think by now it is very clear that they know what they’re doing!   The layering of scent is perfect, and unlike a lot of Citrus it has depth.

Conclusion:  On me, Mandarine Basilic maintains a strong mandarin fragrance with a little less basil, and once settled has a wonderful spicy amber/citrus scent.  One of my favourites!  Perfumes in the Aqua Allegoria range all seem to have similar positive points, and it is a very large range with something for everyone!

~ ~ ~

Perfume Tip:  Just in case anyone hasn’t heard this before!  When applying perfume ensure the areas of skin you are applying to are moisturised.  Many brands will have matching scented body lotions or creams designed to assist in layering your fragrance and ensuring it lasts.  However, if you want to go for either a less scented option or even if you want something cheaper or basic, try to match it to the base notes of the perfume.  In my experience matching to top notes can clash and alter the fragrance of the perfume, sometimes with pretty awful results.

Bon Appetite!



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