Macadamia Natural Oil “Deep Repair Masque” Review

If you regularly colour your hair, or if it’s dry or damaged, you are going to want to try this treatment.


~ ~ ~

Price: ( $$ ) $19.95 for 100ml

Score: ♥♥♥♥♥

Product Plus: ‘Cruelty Free – Paraben Free – Alcohol Free’. How things should be.

Application: After shampooing, apply and leave for 7 minutes before rinsing out. Can use up to twice per week.

Thoughts: The fragrance is… I don’t know. It really smells like a hair product. Do you know what I mean? It is quite a thick cream, but is easy to work with. I use quite a bit even though my hair is medium in length, because I want to really massage it in and ensure there is enough there for my hair to absorb. Also, my hair is thin, weak and curly, and I colour it coppery-red, so it REALLY needs an extra boost of moisture, particularly after this summer (two doses of colour, sun, salt water and chlorine pools). Although the instructions recommend twice a week, for two weeks I used this in place of a conditioner because my hair felt like it was made of plastic. Dry, dead plastic. I really love that it feels rich enough to not worry about wrapping hair in a warm towel, or cling-wrap, or whatever people do that I don’t do because: lazy. The two main ingredients in this are Argan Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil. Delicious and good for your hair. This mask has a pretty high concentration of each as they are fairly high on the ingredients list. Good, and I sure can see the difference!

Conclusion: I overused it and now it’s nearly empty. I have no regrets! It more or less fixed that birds nest I call my hair, and in a matter of weeks. I will repurchase this, and only use it maybe once a week. If you have finer or oily hair, maybe only once a week and I wouldn’t use it at the roots, because it is quite a rich mask.

~ ~ ~

I would love to hear about any recommendations for other hair masks too!

Bon Appetite!


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