Perfect Potion “Detox Body Buff” Review

I am so obsessed with scrubs! Sugar, salt, nuts – you name it. So long as it smells delicious too. The short and long term benefits of scrubbing are obvious, and everyone likes to see immediate results. I have to admit, personally I rather enjoy when a scrub leaves that soft, moisturised feeling on the skin, but that thoroughly squeaky clean feeling doesn’t go astray either!


~ ~ ~

Price: Gift from a friend

Score: ♥♥♥♥

Product Plus: Certified Natural Cosmetics.

Application: Massage onto damp skin in circular motions then rinse off. Tip: Work from your outer limbs in towards your heart to stimulate blood flow. Never press hard with a scrub, gentle motions are best so as to not damage skin. If you want a more thorough effect, work over the area for slightly longer, or maybe a different product might be in order.

Thoughts: Leafy citrus scent? Check. Crushed nut shells buffing away dead skin? Check. Leaves skin with a super squeaky clean and polished feeling? Check! The only problems I have with this is that it isn’t in a bigger bottle: it’s only 125ml. At least a little goes a long way. And that scent of Juniper Berries and Grapefruit – what a combination!

Conclusion: Although the nut shells are very fine, this is quite a thorough scrub – the sandy texture is deceiving! Once a week should do the trick for most people. It is ideal for someone who prefers no after-scrub feeling of product still on the skin. I have mostly been using this as a hand scrub, and I don’t think my skin has ever been this soft or refined. That feeling lasted well into the next several days too.

~ ~ ~

The products from Perfect Potion are marvellous. Natural, Australian Made and Owned; with beautiful rich, earthy fragrances. This is the first scrub I had ever tried from them, and I sure will be going back for more!

Check out the Perfect Potion website for your own delicious treats, or to find a store near you

What are some of your favourite scrubs?

Bon Appetite!


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