Origins ‘GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream’ Review

I have finally finished training for my new job – which took up a lot of my time along with uni – over the last few weeks.  I’ve missed blogging!  I have a lot of treats coming up over the next few weeks and am very excited to get back into it.  Now for my first trick… Origins GinZing Eye Cream!  I luuurve me a good eye cream.  It’s said to be the first place to show signs of ageing, plus the eyes are always a dead giveaway of tiredness or too much partying.


~ ~ ~

Price: ( $$ ) $45, available from Mecca Cosmetica + Mecca Maxima stores and website.

Product Plus:  Immediate brightening and puff-reducing effect.


Application:  After cleansing and before make-up, gently dab small amount around eye area where you feel the bone. Recommended only for morning/day application (6 month expiry date comes in handy here!).

Thoughts:  This is a fabulous eye cream – light in texture and easily absorbed means no waiting to put make-up on. This smooths out any finer dehydration lines under my eyes and has an immediate brightening effect on my dark circles which has improved even more with regular use.  I do feel like my eyes are less puffy too but that wasn’t such a concern for me so I can’t be too sure.  My love for GinZing lies in the texture, because it is light and I do prefer something richer at night.  It is not recommended for evening use, I assume because of the mica particles.  Good, because I felt a bit odd about putting something on overnight with mica in it.  Seemed a little redundant to me?

The texture is not so light that it doesn’t effectively combat my tired-dry eye issue by the end of the day – which is great as my eyes are kept looking fresh and moisturised all day.  I love this cream as a base under make-up as it absorbs instantly and does boost the brightness.  I love that this has anti-oxidant power and also boosts microcirculation with the caffeine and Panax Ginseng, but GinZing isn’t necessarily an anti-ageing eye cream.  I would say it’s more preventative than reparative.


Conclusion:  GinZing is a winner for me.  Effective and easy to use – perfect!  And look at that bottom-centre photo there: the ‘formulated without’ list is incredibly cool.

~ ~ ~

I am a little obsessed with eye creams, what are some of your favourites?

Bon Appetite!


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