NARS Blushes – New Favourites

There should probably be a disclaimer here to begin, that I should not be held responsible for this post because I know nothing of make-up other than I like it. With that said, I have developed a real appreciation for the wonders of a good blush.  Seeing as my face is, at the best of times, a pasty lifeless sheet, I have been in search of a few different colours to perk up my dull complexion.  My only other blush at present is MAC in Peaches, but to be honest it is anything but peachy, instead being quite pink on my skin, which is why I went in search for something new and fancy!  The two fantastic recent finds are NARS Blush in Gina and Orgasm.


~ ~ ~

Price: ( $$ ) $45, available from Mecca Cosmetica. (Pricey, but I think this is going to last me years).

NARS Blushes. Left: Gina. Right: Orgasm.

NARS Blushes. Left: Gina. Right: Orgasm.

Application:  Gina needs barely a touch of my brush to pick up enough colour for one cheek.  Gina glides on really well and doesn’t need much effort to build the colour. Orgasm on the other hand, requires me to mash my brush into the pan in attempt to loosen just a little of the powder.  It doesn’t show on my skin very well at all.  Not sure if just unlucky… but I have to say I am a bit confused as to why everyone raves about this -_-

Thoughts:  Both these blushes are great – but for entirely different reasons.  Gina is this gorgeous, deeply peachy, tangerine matte, while Orgasm is more pink with flecks of gold shimmer.  I have always shied away from shimmer blushes – or shimmer anything – as I have firmly believed that shimmer should be reserved for my eyelids alone.  I am slowly coming around to the idea of slight shimmer on the cheeks, but for me, I just use Orgasm as a highlighter at the top of my cheekbones to get the desired effect.  Gina is the perfect tangerine for my skin, and the soft, powdery formula is a breeze to work with so it is foolproof even for a fool like me!

NARS Blushes. Left: Gina. Right: Orgasm.

NARS Blushes. Left: Gina. Right: Orgasm.

Conclusion: It is only quite recent that I learnt that make-up is in fact a lot of fun and not at all scary. What a thing to learn at 24! What I have now learnt about blush, is that if it is good quality, the colour and texture are far superior AND the product will last longer.  Gina fades during the afternoon, so it isn’t something I could wear all day into the night, but it still lasted well considering my combination skin.  Orgasm isn’t a shade I would purchase myself, but I would definitely purchase other NARS blushes. Hooray for blushes!!

~ ~ ~

NARS is a great brand, but is owned by Shiseido. NARS themselves claim to not test on animals, but unfortunately Shiseido do. Just a little note to keep anyone who is interested informed.

Bon Appetite!


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