April Empties!

I really can’t believe I am two whole months into having my blog.  Time flies, huh?! Here is a quick empties post – pretty proud I have managed to complete a few goodies, some better than others, so slowing whittling away at the stash I’ve accumulated.


~ ~ ~

Label.M Honey Oat Conditioner:  God this fragrance was amazing. The most delicious scent, but not moisturising enough for my hair now it’s cooler. Very softening though.

L’Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream: Hands down the best face moisturiser I’ve ever used. Now, I used to work for the company but am not biased -I am going to continue to purchase this moisturiser until the end of time.  Or until they discontinue it … which is likely to happen first.  Winter/summer/dry/humid it is the best thing for my combination skin. Super hydrating without being creamy or oily, packed full of essential oils and a lovely light and fresh fragrance.  One bottle lasts me quite a few months, but less in winter as I use it day and night and my skin gets extra thirsty.

Sample of Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu CC Cream:  I have hesitated for about a month now and am still unsure of whether I will purchase this.  I found it got a little oily after a few hours for my liking, but felt amazing and was enough coverage while keeping my skin comfortable.  The brightening vitamin C is a big drawcard for me, but I think I will try to get hold of another sample.  I want to use this for winter because it is drier anyway, but worry about being too shiny still. Hmmm.

The Face Shop Fabulous Volumising Mascara:  In-cred-i-ble. Soft, thickening, easy to take off but doesn’t ever smudge (even on the bottom lashes, even from day to night).  God I am glad I found this and I am never going back.  Except I bought two other mascaras, and now totally regret it every time I touch their thin, lifeless, clumpy brushes to my lashes. Ugh. I am going to discard those and replace this ASAP.

L’Occitane Tonic Body Oil:  I have already repurchased this. I have probably used up several bottles of this over the past year alone. Enough said.

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil: The greatest shower product ever.  The only thing I will ever use again to shave my legs.  This was a sample size but I have one of the 500ml pumps in my shower at all times, obviously I am a little obsessed.

Ella Baché Serum Marin:  OK, this was a long story.  I bought it aggeeesss ago because it was recommended, used it a few times, convinced myself it broke me out, then placed it in hiding. Finally, I brought it back out because I knew I had to use it up, but using it consistently over 4 weeks (before it ran out) yielded amazing and unexpected results.  If you want something to firm and smooth the skin, this is it. I noticed a measurable difference just in that time alone.  My skin was so refined and tightened.  The fragrance reminded me slightly of stale seawater, but once I got past that it was love.

~ ~ ~

I am really excited and nervous about my next post, because it is going to be my first post about make-up! It’s probably going to be terrible, so I apologise in advance for my ridiculous attempt, as I actually know very little about anything make-up related. Until then though…

Bon Appetite!


March Empties Post

I just love this idea.  I always look forward to end of month when other bloggers do theirs.  Hopefully readers will want to see just one more Empties post (I’ll keep it short, promise).  I love viewing what others are using, and whether or not they enjoyed the product without an actual review.  I have a lot of problems sticking to a system or routine of products so I end up with too many at once.


Left to Right(ish):

1. L’Occitane Purifying Essential Oil Deoderant:  Aluminium Salt Free, included Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Lemon essential oils and was amazing.  It lasted me ages, and worked all day and night.  This however is discontinued, and they are in the process of bringing out new versions of their deoderants. I think this one was $26 from memory.

2. L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam: This was a tester size, 50ml.  I don’t think it was very brightening, but it was super soft and gentle and removed all makeup easily.  This is definitely one of my favourite foaming cleansers.

3. L’Occitane Organic Olive Exfoliant (Discontinued Range): This was my all time favourite body scrub and the entire range for face and body has been discontinued and this was my very last scrub. Wah. All of my favourite things get discontinued. All of them.

4. L’Occitane Honey & Lemon Sugar Scrub (Discontinued): I have had this for maybe 2 years… oops, don’t judge me.  But it was fine and I loved it so much I wanted to finally use it up.

5. Elemental Herbology Moisturiser sample: Review here.

6. Eve Lom Cleanser and Intense Hydration Serum samples: I was going to do a review of these… does anyone want a review of these? Look, I really liked them. The Cleanser, I really, really liked. BUT… I don’t know if I could bring myself to ever recommend anyone in Australia purchase them at our exorbitant prices. But you know, they were really nice.

7. L’Occitane Conditioners in Soothing (purple) and Repairing (pink): Travel sizes, but the Repairing was great for effect and the Soothing smells amazing.

8. The Face Shop Concealer: Not finished.  I just hate it and it needs to go. I think I purchased this at work one day when I forgot makeup or something… it was um, too dark and oily for me, we’ll just say.

9. Watson’s Aloe Vera and Vitamin C Sheet Mask: So good. I have used 4 out of the 10 pack I purchased. Review here.

~ ~ ~

Eep! Thanks for putting up with that.  I actually feel super proud of myself for finishing some things, especially some things I had on the go for a while. Hah! I do like a challenge…


Bon Appetite!

Perfect Potion “Detox Body Buff” Review

I am so obsessed with scrubs! Sugar, salt, nuts – you name it. So long as it smells delicious too. The short and long term benefits of scrubbing are obvious, and everyone likes to see immediate results. I have to admit, personally I rather enjoy when a scrub leaves that soft, moisturised feeling on the skin, but that thoroughly squeaky clean feeling doesn’t go astray either!


~ ~ ~

Price: Gift from a friend

Score: ♥♥♥♥

Product Plus: Certified Natural Cosmetics.

Application: Massage onto damp skin in circular motions then rinse off. Tip: Work from your outer limbs in towards your heart to stimulate blood flow. Never press hard with a scrub, gentle motions are best so as to not damage skin. If you want a more thorough effect, work over the area for slightly longer, or maybe a different product might be in order.

Thoughts: Leafy citrus scent? Check. Crushed nut shells buffing away dead skin? Check. Leaves skin with a super squeaky clean and polished feeling? Check! The only problems I have with this is that it isn’t in a bigger bottle: it’s only 125ml. At least a little goes a long way. And that scent of Juniper Berries and Grapefruit – what a combination!

Conclusion: Although the nut shells are very fine, this is quite a thorough scrub – the sandy texture is deceiving! Once a week should do the trick for most people. It is ideal for someone who prefers no after-scrub feeling of product still on the skin. I have mostly been using this as a hand scrub, and I don’t think my skin has ever been this soft or refined. That feeling lasted well into the next several days too.

~ ~ ~

The products from Perfect Potion are marvellous. Natural, Australian Made and Owned; with beautiful rich, earthy fragrances. This is the first scrub I had ever tried from them, and I sure will be going back for more!

Check out the Perfect Potion website for your own delicious treats, or to find a store near you

What are some of your favourite scrubs?

Bon Appetite!

Lush ‘Honey I Washed the Kids: Soap’ Review

Natural ingredients always seem more effective, and when paired with a great brand ethos, companies like Lush are hard for me to resist. Lush also have some absolutely mouth-watering fragrances in their products, but one I always come back to is their Honey Soap.


~ ~ ~

Price: ( $$$ ) $69.50 per kilo. Small, pre-cut blocks vary from about $6-$15.

Score: ♥♥♥

Product Plus: Natural ingredients. Vegetarian.

Application: Massage onto damp skin into a lather, or use a sponge.

Thoughts: An easy lather with a heavenly scent. I cannot get enough of this fragrance. Honey is something that can smell too sweet, but Lush get this honey/toffee recipe right. Lush soaps make lovely presents, but this is something you might want to keep for yourself! This leaves a delicate perfume on skin for a short time, but best of all doesn’t leave my skin with any dry, tight feelings, even in winter.

Conclusion: Only negative thing about this soap is that it is quite soft, and therefore doesn’t last nearly as long as other soaps, which is a bit disappointing. Overall though, a gorgeous, gentle soap. And the convenience of purchasing specific sizes is something I really love about Lush soaps (because I get really bored of the same fragrance).

~ ~ ~

Which Lush soap fragrance is your favourite?

Bon Appetite!