Bad Skin Be Gone

This is something I had lusted after for quite a while, the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.  Now, I know this has probably been done to death by just how famous it is, but seriously this stuff works, so I want to rave about it too.


I don’t know about everyone else, but since I’ve been in my early twenties, my skin has lost it’s mind.  I had regular break-outs as a teenager, but now they are just terrible.  Apparently it is a common thing for women at this age, which is unfortunate, and is why Mario Badescu is a lifesaver.  Who wants to be feeling ultra self-conscious about breakouts at work or university at 25?  Not me.

~ ~ ~

Price:  $26.95  ( $$ )

Score:  ♥♥♥♥

Application:  DO NOT SHAKE.  Moisturise your face first, if you are going to.  Use a cotton bud to dip in then apply only to the affected area so it entirely covers it.  I found after a few days use it can really dry skin out, so I have taken to making sure the area is extra moisturised before application.  It does take a while to dry, so don’t smear it over everything by accident before it has a chance to work.  I would be careful with sensitive skin, and if you love to scrub, dial it down a bit while you test out the limits of this product on your own skin.

Thoughts:  To be honest, from what I had read and been told about this product I did kinda expect it to be an instant overnight fix.  I think that if you applied it to smaller breakouts, it would be, but on more serious ones (even if caught early) I still had to use it several nights.  For me however that is brilliant, because sometimes a breakout for me lasts weeks, whereas with this it is limited to days.  Be warned, it smells extremely strong, and kinda gives the impression you’ve just doused yourself with toxic chemicals.  For me, that’s not great, but I am just so over continuous breakouts, so this product gets a big tick in my book.  Apparently there is a Healing Cream to match, and if anyone has tried this I would love to hear the results!

Conclusion:  A very effective product, and if I need to I will purchase again.

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Bon Appetite!